Ohio Unemployment Appeals Process

Unemployment Insurance is a comprehensive social insurance program in the U.S where jobless claimants who lost their job due to involuntary reasons such as lay off’s get a weekly compensation. Popularly known as the “Dole”, this weekly monetary compensation is determined on the basis of your employment during the “Base Period or “Alternate Base Period”. Partially unemployed citizens can also apply for unemployment insurance in the state of Ohio.


In Ohio, the Department of Job and Family Services is entrusted with the responsibility of administering unemployment compensation related services to its citizens. To primarily qualify for compensation in Ohio, the aspiring claimant should have sufficient employment in the 20 weeks preceding the application and should have earned at least $243 every week. Employment during this period can either be with a single or multiple employer(s).

There are situations where an application for weekly compensation will be rejected on multiple grounds. This article is aimed to get you well acquainted with the most common reasons for denial and how the claimant can file an appeal with the department for further scrutiny of the application.

Unemployment Compensation Denial

When you make the first claim to establish benefits cycle through available channels such as phone and the internet, the unemployment office at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services processes your claim. During the claims process, the application is vetted against the eligibility criteria followed by a decision to approve or deny the claim. The last phase of processing also includes determination of the benefit amount and benefit weeks.

The department will send a letter of determination to the claimant communicating the decision and the mechanics. If approved, the claimant should continue claiming the WBA (Weekly Benefit Amount) either by phone or over the internet. If denied, the claimant is provided an opportunity to “appeal” the decision. In Ohio, the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission (UCRC) is the first level of appeal. The following sections will throw further light on the appeals process and also educate you on the second level of appeal offered in Ohio.

Common Reasons for Denial

Voluntary resignation from the job

The basis for offering unemployment compensation is to provide financial support for unemployed workers who lose a job due to involuntary reasons such as layoffs. If the claimant resigned from the job due to voluntary reasons, they will deny.

Asked to leave due to underperformance/misconduct

There are situations when the employer terminates the job of the employee due to reasons such as misconduct or substandard performance. Losing job under such circumstances can go against the claim at the time of processing.

Application does not meet the norms

There are many eligibility conditions the application has to pass through such as minimum income requirement and continuity in employment during the Base or Alternate Base Period. If these conditions are not met, it will be an outright reject. In the backdrop of strict norms, it’s paramount to understand the criteria and apply accordingly to save time and efforts.

Unemployment Appeals Process in Ohio

As touched upon earlier, there are two levels of appeal that can be filed in the state of Ohio. The first one is a two stage process as explained below.

Appeal on Initial Determination

  • A written appeal should be filed with ODJFS within 21 days of issual of the initial letter of determination.
  • The appeal should include information such as social security number, an identification number of the determination along with a detailed explanation of the reason for disagreement.
  • The dossier can also include supporting documents, statement from witnesses and any other paperwork supporting the stance.
  • The appeal can be filed online, by mail or fax. Claimants filing paperwork online should do so between 6 a.m to 6 p.m only.
  • Once the required paperwork is received, a written confirmation will be issued by the department. The appeal will be settled within 21 days from the time of receipt of the required paperwork.

Appeal on Redetermination

Ohio is one of the few states in the U.S which provides multiple levels for the claimant to seek remedy in terms of appeal. If the claimant is not satisfied with the decision made during the redetermination process, a written appeal may be filed with the UCRC (Unemployment Compensation Review Commission) within 21 calendar days from the time of issual of redetermination.

In a similar fashion, the appeal may be filed by fax, mail or internet (Contact details provided in the last section of this article).

Appeals to Common Pleas Court  

The last level of appeal administered by the state will be through the Common Pleas Court. If the unemployed citizen disagrees with the decision made by the UCRC, an appeal may be filed in writing within 30 days from the issual of the letter of determination by the commission. A list of courts is provided on jfs.ohio.gov.

Points to remember

  • During the appeals process, the appealer should continue to file for weekly benefits as per the procedure laid down by the state during weeks of unemployment.
  • ODJFS is not responsible for arranging legal representatives such as an attorney to support the appeal on behalf of the appealer. If a legal representation is required, the local bar association may be consulted.
  • The department will not bear legal expenses such as attorney’s fee. Such expenses shall be borne by the claimant.
  • During the various stages of the appeals process, make sure to keep a track of hearing dates and attend them promptly in person or by means of representation. Failure to do so can result in unwanted delays and hassles for all the parties involved.
  • Presentation of documentary evidence and facts will help the panel to make decisions in your favor. Be sure to collect such paperwork and present them pro-actively.
Contact Details

General queries: 1-877-574-0015 ( Mon to Fri between 8 a.m to 5 p.m)

Website: unemployment.ohio.org

Address (Appeal for redetermination)
Unemployment Compensation Review Commission
P.O. Box 182299
Columbus, OH 43218-2299
Fax: 614-387-3694

Local Legal Aid Office (for legal representation): 1-866-529-6446

176 Responses to “Ohio Unemployment Appeals Process”

  • Guerrero M Quinones j says:

    Can you please answer me this question I worked for General Motors at Lordstown Ohio for 11 years need to know if I have benefits left I am working at Michigan a yer ago can I claim up here unemployment benefits? I work General Motors!

    • Jacob says:


      If you lost the employment due to involuntary reasons, you can claim UI benefits. Please consider applying.

  • Paul T Piontkowski says:

    There are thousands of people trying to appeal your denials and trying to furnish you documented proof to you fax machine. You have one Fax number for appeals for the entire state.
    You have to be kidding me.

  • Carla McTaggart says:

    I reopened my claim for the week of 4/4/2020 in order to add the mass layoff due to the fact that I did not have the number at the time of filing. The week of 4/4/2020 was then denied with determination #232182241-1. I did not work at all during this week. Please advise how to file appeal. I have been on the phone numerous times and have been hung up on. Thank you

  • Susie Tressler says:

    I been there 11 years going on 12years

  • I was laid off 3/13/20 due to Covid Virus 2000180 and i have worked part job coach for a Challenged young man for over 20 years and have been denied unemployment, i have called I get put on hold then get hung up on when trying Appeal so i try on line but keep getting errors, I am older and need Help, Please Help

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. If you think you were denied wrongfully, please consider filing an “Appeal”. The phone lines will be unanswered due to the massive surge in the number of applications.

  • Angel Torres Santana says:

    April 24, 2020
    This note is to let you know that I was not lay off. Im not working due to the fact of the COVID-19. If you have question contact my employer.

    Angel L. Torres-Santana

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we’re not in a position to communicate this to the Unemployment Office. You can claim UI benefits under the CARES program if you were laid off.

  • david m matthew says:

    have been denied benefits even though I gave them what they asked for social birth certificate and even drivers license how do find why denied

    • Jacob says:


      They will clearly state the reason for the delay and what you could perhaps do to have it corrected. Please login to check.

  • kathy sidoti says:

    I would like to file appeal was on for 3 weeks and then I was told I was denied after 4 weeks.

  • Sharon E williams says:

    I I applied for unemployment the first of March, and I have been filling a weekly claim ever since, I was told that my claim was denied, I filled an appeal, before the deadline date, to no avail have I heard anything from unemployment yet, I don’t know if I am ever going to get anything. I have a family to feed just like other people does. I need to know if I have fallen through the cracks or what. I try to call but cant get through , I still file my weekly claim, but what am I suppose to do, when you cant talk to anyone. I am a senior citizen with little to no income, what am I to do? please someone please tell me what I need to do to get some kind of help.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Please be patient and chase regularly. There will be a delay due to a large number of pending applications.


    Based upon the following information contained within the DOL Guidance Unemployment Insurance Program Letters, No. 15-20 and 16-20, a individual may be eligible for PUA extended benefits under the following reasons:

    (11) The individual meets additional criteria that may be added by the Secretary. The newsworthy takeaway from this Guidance is that the Secretary has specifically added individuals who work as independent contractors if they are unemployed, partially employed or unable or unavailable to work or severely limited in their ability to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Guidance states that this category includes drivers for ride-sharing programs, who may not otherwise have a place of employment closed by COVID-19, but whose continued operations are made unstainable by emergency state or municipal orders restricting movement.

    Individuals who were unemployed and looking for work prior to the pandemic and who have exhausted benefits are eligible for PUA, but only within the same benefits year as their initial eligibility. A PUA claimant who establishes a new benefit year may not receive PUA benefits, but may be eligible for additional regular benefits.”

    Many of the job applications I have filed since February 2020, the job requisitions were either postponed, closed or cancelled due to the impact of COVID19 quarantine nationwide shutdown, as stated in my initial PUA application for benefits, which falls under the reason #11 category for benefits eligibility.

    I am checking on the status of my appeal for PUA claims that were denied as per document ID 14829932. I initially made multiple attempts to obtain extended unemployment benefits during the later part of March by phone and again via the OJFS state web portal on April 17, 2020 and again on May 4, 2020 respectively.

    Both of my claims were denied due to monetary ineligibility. On May 4, 2020, I received notification from OJFS that I was eligible for extended unemployment benefits via the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program.

    On May 15, I received notification that I was approved to received weekly benefit payments under the guidelines stipulated on the May 4th correspondence.

    I spoke to a OJFS claims representative at approximately 1:00pm on 5.29.20, stating that I am indefinitely ineligible to receive PUA benefits stating that I made my claim outside of the pandemic period. Being that I was initially approved for PUA benefits as per the May 15th notification and the fact that I made multiple attempts to file for PUA benefits long before the PUA claims web portal came online May 12th, my claims should have remained valid and approved.

    I have not heard a thing since May 29th regarding my appeal on my case that shouldn’t have been denied in the first place. People are desperate and in need and for the process to be this cumbersome and lengthy, is unacceptable.

  • Rose Spencer says:

    I applied for unemployment mid march when the pandemic hit. I put my last job which I was a w2 and my current job as a 1099. I was denied which I expected but they gave me a chance to appeal. I didnt appeal beacuse they were going off of my w2 job that I didn’t feel I needed to appeal. I have been trying to apply for PUA unemployment but it comes up as error because I supposedly have claims available to me.They can’t help me until someone from regular employment office clears this off. I have talked to about 5 people from regular unemployment to help me get that cleared off and no one is helping. They send emails and nothing has yet been done. Its been 3 weeks of trying to get help. I don’t know what else to do

  • Ann Petricca says:

    Contact your state representative. That will bring a resolution within a week.

  • Allison Beckner says:

    I became unemployed on 01/27/2020 from a contract position where I was hired on 11/13/2019. The week I was hired happened to be be final payment week for my claim filed on April 1, 2018. I started unemployment in April 2018 after forced to resign after 10 years of service due to know fault of my own and was found eligible for UI benefits for 26 weeks. My separation on 01/27/2020 was right before Covid 19 and has also been proven to be no fault of my own which is why I attempted to file immediately but was quickly notified that my beneift year would not renew until May 1, 2020 and there were no extensions being offered at that time. My only option was to patiently wait until May 1, 2020 to file a new claim.

    On May 1, 2020 I finally saw that an option to start a new claim was now available on the State UI website and by this time I knew that finding new employment was going to be a bigger issue than I had expected as I lost my childcare and my daughter was left with me at home from school each day due to Covid 19 risks. I knew about the CARE Act and knew that there Ohio was working on a seperate website for PUA filers in mid May but instead of waiting to try the new website I followed the proper protocol and filed a new claim under the State UI Beneifts on May 1, 2020. I originally received a new claim instruction sheet and also a notification that I “might” be eligible for extended benefits. This notification did not provide specific instructions but I did the research and saw that there was an option under “file a new claim” to “file for PECU”. When I click on the “PEUC” option under “New Claim” I receive the following Hard stop error that prevents me from moving foward:

    We cannot process your extended benefits application at this time due to one of the following reasons:
    1.Your benefit year has expired: select “Return to Main Menu” and select “File a New Claim for Benefits”
    2. Your benefits have not exhausted: If you filed weeks today that will exhaust your benefits, file extended application tomorrow. Once benefits are exhausted, the link will be to file.
    If you require further assistance. Please contact your processing center

    I figured all was well as I started to receive various notifications requesting explanation and documentation to support my claim that my unemployment was at no fault of my own. At this point I had never had a reason to use the new PUA website as I was thinking I had to get my approval for UI through state and basically the CARES Act would be an extra $600 on top of my regular UI. I did not understand that the PUA UI would provide regular UI benefits (under more lenient guidelines) as well as an extra $600 for a specific predefined time period. I was providing answers to multiple requests …some of them duplicated to prove that I was let go at no fault of my own when the whole time unemployed Ohioans were logging into a seperate website and getting paid for loss of income right away. It wasn’t until my friend ask that I help her file her applicatoin on the PUA website that I fully understood the process and the terms of the PUA, PUEC, and the CARES Act which are all separate benefits (or budgets).

    Once I saw my how easy the process was for my friend and how fast (less than 5 days) she received payment in a lump sum for benefits back dated back to 02/02/20 for regular weekly income based on previous employment (which is $189 if no prior income is reported) as well as the $600 per week backed dated to 03/29/2020 I started to wonder what was going on with my claim.

    As my friend was confirming the funds hitting her bank account through direct deposit I was wondering why I had spend so much time filing appeals to my claim that finally was denied due to 20 week work requirement (not due to the reason I became unemployed). I was fighting through appeals to prove depending on which base period that I could be considered eligible for this requirement (Q4 2019/Q1 2020 – worked 16 weeks). I was thinking do I need to show 1099 income for tax projects and redo my tax return for 2019 – do I need to argue that if the base period was extended I did in fact work 20 weeks – I have to get regular UI as I cannot find work that is flexible enough for me to take care of my daughter and my only help was high risk for the virus so my daughter could basically only spend her days/nights with me. I was drowning without income so I had to find a way to find eligibility …this whole time I did not understand or was not guided by any Agents that I was elgible under PUA so what was the point in fighting for approval under State UI guidelines.

    So since my claim was denied by State, and Extension to prior claims will not work since I was actually working during the extension period (even though the State website seems to think I have not exhausted my State benefits), I should be able to apply and receive approval for benefits under PUA.

    Now my friend is nearing the end of her $600 weekly deposits I am still in the same spot the only difference that I have seen is that the State withdrew my appeals but still the same issues…I cannot log into PUA to submit application and the only options in Sate UI are to file a new claim (which the state will deny) or received the error message shown above when clicking on the link for extended benefits.

    I have been calling atleast 2 times per week to each agency (State UI and PUA) while sending fax and emails since May 1, 2020 and now (July 14, 2020 4:20 PM EST) I sit here on hold for a specialist who should be able to help for 2 hours …I hope a specialist answers 🙂

    My fear now is how long will I have to wait once my claim is closed/withdrawn out of State UI and I file with PUA webiste…will there be any expedite in my payment (which will be higher payout then most due to my prior years income)? It seems that claims processing is slowing down no getting faster as budget could be an unexpected issue. The fear and anxiety on top of the virus is very serious but I am trying to hang in there. I know that I cannot control the issue so I am just doing the best I can and consistently staying on top of it. I spend a lot of time on hold and researching the internet looking for some mistake I must have made …or something I did not understand. Nothing has worked so far but maybe today will be the day. In the meantime I owe $2k usd in electricity and water and my house (which is in foreclosure) is going to be sold in a couple weeks and I have nothing in my bank account. It is hard to focus on moving with an empty bank account to pay for moving expenses and also a deposit on a new place to live. Just very tough situation but I know that I will get through one day I just think that I fell between the cracks and the story is difficult to explain to a new person each day. That is why I find email to be the best but I have not received one response to any of the email addresses and I have sent many emails. I am not sure if they are even getting read?

    Thank you..I am still on hold and I will not give up.

    • Jacob says:


      Thank you for the note. It looks like you’ve been battling it out alone all this while. If you feel you’ve been denied benefits on irrelevant grounds, please get the gather the required paperwork and file an “Appeal” by asking for an adjudicator.

      Best Wishes!

      • April says:

        appeals what’s that?? Lmao I applied for state ui 4/26/2020 I’ve recieved a total of 756.00 last year. I was approved for 4 weeks then told over paid. I quit as my son can not self study at home. Here’s my horrid timeline

        03/20/20- laid off all 40hr weekly used mass lay off number applied Ohio UI.

        04/08/20- called back to work 20 hrs a week

        04/14/20-laid off again as business dropped

        04/18/20- called back to work to work unknown random hours

        04/26/20- quit as my son needed me and also multiple other Covid reasons within office. Lay offs were no Covid related but games played by managment .

        04/26/20- applied UI AGAIN as the employer was playing hours here not here I was previously over income to be eligible for 4weeks. So I quit applied again-

        05/03/20-STATE UI denied as I quit (expected) sent in documentation showing ability to telecommute during holidays WAS COMMON but employer denied telecommunte during Covid.

        Employer had until to 05/09/20 to respond she didn’t – I shoulda been fine – NOPE I call in regarding her no response (I have 4 kids and no income at this point) only for the phone rep for state ui to say well you should have applied a new application when separated not continued to file weeks on this claim. She started a new one sooo Geuss what? Employer had a new timeline to argue my separation (she based it on a general fb post I had made – dumbest shit ever I’ve seen an employer try-.

        06/18/20 – called to inquire what I need to do. Rep told me let the claim close out and the. Apply for pua since I would be covered f
        (Noting my son being home) wait and wait for the error message to disappear and allow me to apply … wait and wait and wait phone call after phone call ema after email

        FINALLY 4 months later

        10/14/20 – pua allowed me to apply

        10/4/20 dated application (could only back a week without sending request) sent request

        10/27/20 – approved received 4 weeks at 189.00 756.00 total taco to her to file weeks sent another request for back date also

        10/26/20- fraud alert send in x,y,z and blood sample so I sent in all requested docs another back date request was included again.

        11/18/20 – docs approved you proved human and no fraud but determination available- Ineligible pay back the 756.00! Wtf

        12/11/20 – appeal due date (submitted by this deadline)


        02/12/21 – recieved email notifying me of the long delay and back date was approved please file weeks now available
        I filed for all weeks 04/26/20 until 10/04/20 (date of originally filed when applied)

        02/22/21- PAID 11k for these recently filed weeks however they deducted the 756.00 overpayment amount. (BUT OT WAS AN OVER PAYMENT IF THIS IS APPROVED!!!!

        02/24/21- called and asked about incorrect over payment and the remaining weeks sitting there denied. Told that was under appeal and can’t be touched -I get that BUT HOW IS THE APPEAL EVEN QUESTIONED IF I WAS YET AGAIN APPROVED FOR INITIAL BACK DATED WEEKS? SHOULDNT THIS SCREAM THAT JUST NEEDS A HUMAN TO FIX ???!!

        03/21/21- Nope still waiting – but I’ve been requested to send in 2019 and 2020 tax forms sent immediately but I mean come on from 04/26/20 until 02/22/21 just shy of a full year my income with state help was 756.00 and that was paid back when I finally got lump sum! No one can tell me about my appeal dated 12-11-20 (21 days is a crock of crap)



  • Richard DiVito says:

    I am assuming the appeal on UI is delayed due to the virus? I filed June 2 and have yet to hear anything via my email.

    • Jacob says:


      That is correct. There will an intermittent delay. Please be patient and continue chasing the office at regular intervals.

  • Rick DiVito says:

    Should I contact the appeals office? It has been 10 weeks since they acknowledged my appeal.

    • Jacob says:


      Please wait for a week more before chasing. There may be a delay considering the number of pending applications.

  • Victor Maggiore says:

    I emailed an appeal over a month ago and was told someone would get back with me within 21 days. That was June 8th and I haven’t heard anything from anyone. This has been going on for some time now and I have supplied all documents requested! I would appreciate a response soon, preferably by phone if possible

    • Jacob says:

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • Sydney Fickel says:

    I was denied unemployment and filed my appeal back in June. I got an email that said my appeal was received but I have not heard anything back since. I have tried to contact the appeal department, but I receive the options menu, click 2 for an update on my appeal, and it sends me to the regular unemployment/JFS hotline, where they tell me to call the number I just called and click 2. Is there another way to contact them? It’s been very frustrating being told I should contact the specific number for the appeals office and not even being able to speak to anyone there, just immediately being sent to the regular hotline.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • Rick says:

    How do I check the status of my appeal. It was acknowledged June 2

    • Jacob says:


      Please contact your adjudicator. You should also be able to check over phone/website (after logging in).

  • Lorraine says:

    I am currently awaiting a decision for my appeal. I was in a program that placed me in a bootcamp to learn java web application development, then placed me with an employer for an apprenticeship to further those skills. But the employer never trained me. I was placed in a completely different role of which I had no knowledge. Skill set, job duties, everything was different. The employer said they did not have the capacity to train someone completely new to IT and that everyone was too busy. There was no plan for my training or development. The managers said they weren’t aware I was coming. They also promised to provide a mentor but never did. Yet I was expected to perform serious tasks in systems and processes that I knew nothing about. This caused issues with my IT team and other departments.

    I resigned because they did not fullfil their part of the training agreement and not having the skills or knowledge to do the job caused me lots of stress. But before resigning, I spent months advocating for myself. I spoke with multiple managers and executive leadership. I even applied for twelve other jobs within the company before resigning.

    The employer didn’t respond to fact finding questions or appear for the hearing.

    Do I have a chance at getting approved?

    Thank you

    • Jacob says:


      If you think separation from the job was involuntary, you should be able to claim. You can also file an “Appeal” if the decision is not in your favor.

  • Rick says:

    I got my appeal back noted as modified, but it was exactly the same. I filed another appeal, is that correct?

  • I wouldlike to file an appeal. I didnt know i had to. When I called to see why I still havent gotten my unemployment the woman said i was supposed to file an appeal d i didnt know because one of my weekly claims was denied. When I looked it was because i hit the I quit my job button. I didnt quit I wad let go go die to the covid 19. My screen on my phone was broke at the time and I thought I hit the I was let go from my job. But no I hit the I quit button. I did not quit. Please help me figure this out

  • Kelly says:

    How do you contact adjudicator?

  • Mary Jordan says:

    request for status update appeal filed 7/26/2020 #AP986208108

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. You can check the status online or by calling the adjudicator.

  • michelle bryant says:

    this Michelle Bryant I letting you know that I am late getting my id and social security card, due to the fact I have no internet.

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please reach out directly to the Unemployment Office.

  • Jamie says:

    Hello. I was denied because I couldn’t upload my documents for identity on the website due to a glitch. I appealed it and sent in the documents. This was 7/22. Still waiting. Getting the run around from pua call center and appeal line. Getting ahold of a person on the appeal line is almost impossible. Is there a way to check the status of an appeal? I just want to make sure it went through. Also, how do I contact a state representative for help? My case is so simple. Thx

    • Jacob says:


      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with requests. Please follow up regularly and also consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

  • June says:

    How do you check on the status of an appeal that has been filed?

    • Jacob says:


      You can check it online (need to login used an ID and a Password) or call the Claims line for an update. Please visit the Unemployment Office website for contact details.

  • Maryann simpson says:

    I appeal my pua unemployment ohio for my identity verification and wanted know the status of it

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your appeal proceedings. Please reach out to the ‘Adjudicator’ or call the Claims Center.

  • Odessa says:

    FYI the reason people are reaching out on this forum about their unemployment claims is because you can not get answers from unemployment UI or PUA. The agents do not have info to help and the people making decisions are not available to talk with or taking information to help with determination.

    This is worse than any process any government agency has. oh yeah, there is no process…

  • Cheryl says:

    You tell people to call a adjudication but no one there can help. You cannot talk to an adjudicator the people answering the phones say you can’t. I have asked . I filed an appeal over identity issue. I called and they said my license was blurry. So why do I have to file an appeal? Why can’t the license just be sent to them again. I started out on regular unemployment then had to pay back 2880.00 filed an appeal then 7/13/2020 never heard from them finally called back 9/3/2020 and was told to apply for PUA. Now had to appeal again over a blurry drivers license after waiting 7 weeks to be told that I had to file appeal. It’s suppose to be 21 days and it was 7 weeks! Why is it taking so long? I understand about the pandemic and hundreds of thousands of people have applied. I had 45 days to pay back my overpayment (Which I was really suppose to get) and I paid it in a timely manner so it would be great to have the same respect in return and a decision within 21 days.

  • Anis Toubaline says:


    I appealed my Ohio PUA unemployment because there was an error in the system that
    rejected my claim. The appeal was filed June 29th, and I still did not receive any response about my case. I called the appeal office, the PUA office and emailed PUA technical services but
    still no response. Please, could you tell me how I can know if my appeal was processed or what I should do? It’s been 4 months now

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim info. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

  • Jaelynn says:

    hello jacob, they told me to go to an website and fill out my appeal claim but i have no idea how or where to start. i really need your help. i have no idea what to do on the website or anything.

  • D32 says:

    I filed an appeal in June 25th and have yet to hear anything. I understand things are backed up but it has been months. I’ve called, emailed, faxed…my prior employer provided documentation…yet no.update. Frustrating.

    • Jacob says:

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • I filed for an appeal in September. A man d haven’t received a check in 10 weeks.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  • Am just want to do apply so I can get my benfuts back

  • Christina Ann Chadwick says:

    i am writing in regards to my name.. my maiden name is rouse.. however my married name is Christina ann Chadwick, the only proof of my ssn is by my w-2

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Please report the name change to the Unemployment Office. I suggest you do this online, on the department’s official website.

      • elizabeth Brandt says:

        Hi, wondering how I can do this on line. I received 328 a week then 3 weeks ago it was reduced for over payment. Can you help me file this? I am on hold

        • Jacob says:


          I suggest you sort this online, on the department’s official website. There might be limited phone support available due to high call volumes.

  • Richard DiVito says:

    I recently received a severance package and posted it on my application for last week as holiday pay, and it now shows my pay is being held. I believe, if I understood the person correctly, that I will in fact lose one week of unemployment right now, and then it will pick up again next week. I was on unemployment for 26 weeks and then it turned into the PEUC.I just need to know if I am correct, but I will receive the rest of my unemployment and then I can live off the severance package I got and hopefully when that is gone I will have found a job

  • Sue Kralik says:

    I have been unemployed since April 7, 2020 due to COVID-19. I had no problems with the process or getting my payments up until June 3, 2020. During that week, my employer called and, in a “what if” scenario asked if I would be interested in coming back to work at 15 hours per week. My previous schedule had been full time, 40 hours per week. What was offered wouldn’t have covered my health insurance payment (which I receive from my employer, through COBRA). I declined and they said “OK, this conversation never happened”. When it came time to file my next week’s claim, one of the questions is “did you refuse work”. Since I did refuse work, I answered “yes” to that question. I haven’t received a payment since. I filed an appeal on June 17, 2020. I received a confirmation that the appeal was received and filed. I have heard nothing since that notice. I am unable to get anyone on the website chat function or on the telephone. I understand that DJFS is swamped and I am not the only person they have to deal with, but some updates throughout the appeal process would be nice. As it is, I have no idea where I stand in the process. I have continued to file weekly claims, as instructed in the appeal instructions. Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    Sue Kralik

    • Jacob says:


      There are perhaps hundreds and thousands of claimants who are waiting to hear the status for months now! The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible.

  • Kaylen D Burney says:

    I’m appealing cause of my identification is Determined

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum. If you intend to file an appeal, please do so on the official website of the Unemployment Office.


    Is there a separate/direct phone number I can call to get the status of my Appeal for Lost Wages that I filed on October 3 2020? When I call the main number I have to wait for someone to answer and THEN get transferred over to appeals.

    Thank you

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

  • Deborah Bubar says:

    I filed an appeals claim in mid-June regarding why my first 2 weeks of unemployment were denied. I did receive an acknowledgment that is was filed. I called once and have emailed several times. It is now November 9th. Still waiting on an answer. Thank you, Deborah

    • Jacob says:


      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  • Elaine Amison says:

    Elaine Amison
    On 07-11-2020 I Elaine Amison Applied for PUA I was told that I have to file an appeal explaining What happened with the Job that I was performimg. I was Working At Healing Hands Health care as a Home Health Aid, I wasn’t able to work since March 11 2020 Due to Covid reasons.

    • Jacob says:


      Please let us know how we can help you. If you’ve asked to appeal, please provide all the required paperwork.

  • William Kepko says:

    How do you find status of an appeal: Correspondence Number 16604955. I am Ron Ser’s counsel and I filed an appeal on his behalf.

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to the specifics. Please reach out to the adjudicator of your client.

  • Michelle Hatch says:

    I have been receiving PUA benefits on and off since May when it began. I had two PT jobs when the pandemic hit. I have no car, and I also have mobility issues but luckily both jobs are within a short walking distance. I just returned to work at the church daycare in August at reduced hours. This was due to reduced enrollment from COVID19. I was working 23-25 hours at the time of the pandemic; now down to 15 although I was promised more hours in January. I also injured myself right when the pandemic hit, and finally had shoulder surgery in October. I was afraid to go to the hospital at the time, but by July I was in too much pain. I was able to get PUA during that 2-weeks off. I am still in recovery and will be until February/March.

    Now PUA is ending, and it has a devastating effect on my life. It indicated on the notice sent that I could still file claims until 12/31 if I was still unemployed. I indicated on the last claim that my primary place of employment is closing over Christmas due to low enrollment and it was in direct relation to the COVID cases in our center. We have had several, including the pastor and his family. Parents did not want to send their kids over Christmas. Therefore the director and church board made that decision to extend our typical break (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Yearś Day). The staff has been exposed several times. Myself and two other staff members tested negative on December 8th and 9th, but a fourth tested positive and she works in my classroom.

    So what we have is a situation where we are closed due to those two factors which are directly to COVID…but it is more precautionary in nature. We are reopening when the public schools open on January 4th. That said, we are not paid for time off. I am furloughed from a second job at the elementary school across the street, and have been since March. Until the schools can reopen the YMCA after school program is suspended.

    I was given the impression from the JFS notices that if I was still unemployed I could still claim these two weeks but when trying to fill out the weekly claim, the website would not allow me to do so. It was very frustrating and upsetting. The PUA claimants are getting left out and I was counting on that two weeks to tide me over. I have struggled greatly but was hopeful to have my January rent. Now I am feeling desperate. I am a senior citizen, but too young to retire. I can file for disability, but can’t afford to do so. This is a horrible situation. Christmas is a beautiful time; a time of hope and new beginnings. I have lost both.

  • Doug Annis says:

    How do I file an appeal for a notice of corrected determination. My benefit amount was significantly reduced. Not sure how my benefit amount was determined. This is for PUA for self employed 1099 employee.

  • trying to login to this to file my appeal, tried to file online web page not available, tried printing document to fill out and upload and will not let me print, save or file the document HELP!!

  • jesse miller says:

    I filed an appeal and it was received on 11/20/2020. Under Ohio Law it states that the appellate court has 21 days to make a determination after the appeal is received. It’s now been 32 days and the odjfs is telling me that they are behind on appeals and they are taking longer than usual to process. THIS DOESN’T MATTER. It’s a LAW that they have to make a decision or send it to the next board for review within 21 days of receipt. Why are they being allowed to get away with this? Are the people in charge of making these decisions above the LAW? If a person filing for unemployment is denied, they don’t get a grace period because of ANY REASON! If the appeal isn’t submitted within 21 calendar days then they are just not going to win. It’s very simple here. Why are they allowed to drag their feet when we’re not? A response would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. The Unemployment Office is perhaps overwhelmed with pendency and probably understaffed. Please be patient and continue following up at regular intervals until you have a definite answer.

  • Jeff says:

    How do I file an appeal for unemployment overpayment? Provide me a link please as I cannot find it on the unemployment site!

  • Paulette says:

    PUA has been sending me benefits since March. They now say, nine months later, I do not qualify and are asking for all the funds to be returned. What is the address for my appeal letter to be sent? They asked for all my documentation in 48 hours!!

  • Kortney says:

    I filed an appeal to my denial in June of 2020. I have still yet to hear anything regarding the appeal. I called several times and all I have been told is that appeals are running behind. It is now January 2021. How long are the appeals taking?? I’m not sure what to do?

    • Jacob says:


      The processing of applications will take time due to pendency. Please be patient and continue chasing your adjudicator regularly.

  • HD says:

    Sent my appeal on September 2020 and no answer, today is the 8 January 2021.
    I have tried to contact the appeal department, but I receive the options menu, click 2 for an update on my appeal, and it sends me to the regular unemployment/JFS hotline, where they tell me to call the number I just called and click 2. Is there another way to contact them? It’s been very frustrating being told I should contact the specific number for the appeals office and not even being able to speak to anyone there, just immediately being sent to the regular hotline.
    Three months calling and no chance to talk to anyone exept one time, this time whoever answer told me that everything looks good and you will receive payment in two days!!!????
    Today 5 weeks later nothing happened, so I’m not sure why she told me that!!!!
    And I’m not sure why sometimes they answer and no one talk???????

  • Lonnie morris says:

    I appeal the decision of stopping my benefits we are undergoing a pandemic in our country and its scares to work any where not knowing the individual or individuals we are exposed to in any kind of work environment or public environment as well

    • Jacob says:


      Thank you for the comment. If you wish to file an “appeal” as an individual, you can do so on the official website.

  • Amber says:

    I filed an appeal for my PUA Redetermination on 12/19/2020. I haven’t gotten any status update. I filed my claim for the last two weeks, and I got an offset taken out. Aren’t I suppose to have a hearing before they start taking payments? Isn’t filing the appeal suppose to keep everything as it was until after a decision has been made? Didn’t the Stimulus package include a waiver of OP (including PUA),that is due to ADMINISTRATIVE ERRORS? I have not talked with anyone and again, no correspondence in regards to my appeal. How can the offset payment just be taken out if I haven’t been able to exercise my right to a hearing? This is so messy!

    • Jacob says:


      Whilst I understand your frustration, there may be glitches due to the sheer number of pending applications. Please try and establish contact with your adjudicator for clarificaiton.

  • lindsey bolar says:

    I have received 5 different overpayments from PUA and I haven’t collected any funds since September and was told thru “other Messages” to continue filing your weeks and it goes toward the OP. What’s funny is the overpayment 25,716 was posted on my homepage in May 5th 2020, and it has change twice in a re determination hearings, 7,695.00 2nd op 945.00 3rd op 24,960 4th op 25,716 which is also the amount on my 1099g from PUA unemployment. I was eligible and Why is the FAKE overpayment so high? where is the deduction from the payments receive? I have appeal, uploaded documents, Fraud was mentioned until I uploaded every piece of ID i have , That cleared and I was told claimed allowed I file weeks and payments are submitted but to where? I have not received a dime ? where is the payments going and if they are being used to repay overpayment why isn’t the balance still the same and this been going on since September…Started with 189.00 per wk minus tax 171.00 then it went to 103.00 per week reason for deduction overpayment, then it was 77.00 per week because of deductions. Received an Email stating my claim may have been impacted due to the Cares act and to file if I am still qualified . Still same process 1/20/2021…no money but payment submitted…

    • Julia Harrell says:

      I think we should contact Dave Host the attorney general if Ohio. He can probably get answers because they did the same thing to me.

  • Aaron myers says:

    I have sent my proof of identity 3 tomes and its the only thing holding my money up. Its been sence novemberthey still say they dont have it and i have comfermation they did get it. I have a family to support something has to be done

    • Jacob says:


      There will be a delay owing to the number of pending applications. Please continue chasing the Unemployment Office regularly until you have ea concrete update.

  • Jason says:

    What link do i follow to file an appeal for the pua

    • Jacob says:

      Hi Jason,

      You should find an option to file an “Appeal” after logging in with User Name and Password. You can also read more on this page – https://jfs.ohio.gov/ouio/EmployersAppealOfBenefitClaims.stm

      • Andrew Damon Runion says:

        I have been waiting since October on a Identity Verification Appeal. Please look at the comment below i described my situation. I just dont know what the next step would be to get a response of anykind from the PUA Redeterminations Dept would be appreciated. Thank u Jacob

        • Jacob says:


          All I can ask you to is – follow up regularly. There might be tens and thousands of pending applications.

      • Terry Smith says:

        Before figuring out how to file an online appeal, I sent my appeals via fax and snail mail (just to be safe). Would my appeal be processed more quickly if I sent ahead and also filed it on the website? Thanks for some guidance on this.

        • Jacob says:


          I don’t think you stand an advantage. Please file through the recommended channel and follow up regularly. There will be an intermittent delay. As much as I am aware, many appeals are still pending from Nov/Dec 20.

  • Erika says:

    I filed an appeal on Oct. 28. I never received confirmation of such. The online appeals site says, “A PUA Appeal has already been submitted for the information you have entered.” and “IMPORTANT – You must press Submit on tab 4 ‘Consent and Signature’ of the appeal in order for the information to be submitted” I tried to cancel and resubmit it won’t let me. When I call, I’m on hold for an hour and no-one can help me. How can I REALLY get help? How long are PUA appeals taking?


  • mitchell says:

    i filed pua unemployment claim in july of 2020 in july of 2020 i had a pua issue in october 0f 2020 pua determination finds me eligible but issue never removed or updated in my file. i then in january 2021 am told that i have an identity issue even though i sent identity verification several times . i have a social security number that i provided in addition to birth records which is acceptable proof of citizenship but im found ineligible indefinately even though they have a child support order that was recieved in august of 2020 all those things certify im a united states citizen but they find me ineligible indefinately in january i file appeal and once again upload proof of citizenship and its now february 2021 and i have only since 2/11/2021 had the pua issue removed from claim and still have not heard a single thing about my appeal . if they say my claim is active and i can claim benefits every week but they are denied right away . i feel like my file is getting no attention be cause it was 6 months before they got around to removing pua issue after being found eligible and that is only because i called and called and called only to be told oh we are sorry that should of been removed in october of 2020. i uploaded proof of citizenship through the website and it was verified through website it was successfully uploaded ok to me that means ive done my part but i dont have any proof of it because for some reason they feel that they do not need to send email verifying that i had uploaded it and they confirmed upload successful so now over 8 months later im still trying to verify my citizenship and have recieved no benifits very little guidence or help of any kind . during these times its very hard on people who have become dependant on help from the people we are told by our government that are there to help . i feel that my file sits idle with no sense of responsibilty or urgency on the part of pua unemployment and that is really discouraging and its really unnacceptable treatment from the professionals that are suppossed to be there to help me. what more can i do? i did what was asked of me you guys didnt and because of that i am in jeopardy of losing the very little i have left

  • Jana says:

    I was overpaid by the State of Ohio by their mistake Now they want me to repay and I have not worked since March 2020. any suggestions of what to say in the appeal?


    I was issued a letter that I have been receiving PUA. I have not received any assistance. According to the records that you keep you could not identify me. I put in for assistance last year when my doctor told me not to work because of my underlaying medical problems. When I never heard from you anymore I figured I was denied benefits. The application was put in April of 2020. I was off until October 2020. I had to go back to work because I needed my pay. A few months later I had to quit because I was tested positive for Covid 19. I am now not working and need the assistance that I have not received.

  • Brian Shaffer says:

    I filed for unemployment back in April I was eligible but for some uncertain situation I wasn’t so I file an appeal on May 12th and it is now February 25th and I still haven’t got a determination on my appeal I did get confirmation that my appeal was received and I’ve been calling every week one to two times a week and they say we’ll push it through again there’s nothing really else we can do is there anything else I could do

    • Brian Shaffer says:

      I would also like to add up and filing weekly like I was told to and when I talk to one person she’s like well why didn’t you file for the pua I said because I haven’t exhausted my normal she goes well you can cancel that and then if I cancel that I won’t get all the way back to the point of filing I would get it when I got to the pua correct and she goes oh yeah so you’re kind of stuck between a rock and hard spot my other question is if the redetermination gets denied I should be eligible for the pua will I get that from the time that I filed my unemployment

  • Julia Harrell says:

    I was found eligible but they said they would apply my future payments to my overpayment . but the overpayment was due to their mistake. Who do I contact to fix this?

  • Keryn says:

    I filed a claim November 4th for PUA in ohio, but for whatever reason only one form of identification was recieved. They sent me corispo dance asking for a second form of ID which I somehow overlooked. Then dec 30th they denied my claim for lack of identification. So I appealed it and was granted a corrected monetary determination feb 24th stating that I did in fact qualify for PUA. My question is just how long will I have to wait to receive my first payment? I have filed claims for every week since nov 4th.

  • Stephanie says:

    i have been waiting for my appeal, i got a corrected determination saying i DO QUALIFY but now i am claiming my weeks and my payments are still being denied im confused? they keep telling me i have to wait and there is no adjudication number

  • Andrew Damon Runion says:

    I Filed my PUA appeal on October 7th at 3:10 pm for my Identity Verification Information. I uploaded ID S.S card and birth certificate. I have a picture of it saying it was processed. I have reached put several times to the Redeterminations dept Email address with no response and have been calling for months and both numbers the have given in the past 4months either hangs up on you or goes to the regular unemployment office and they say they cant help with a PUA appeal it does not come up in their system PUA Redeterminations is seperate. Why is there no way to get an update. Or atleast a Denial or Acceptance letter. Also I recently started work in Middle november and Updated my status by filing the weekly Start icon and it now has 10 pending issues for updating the system with my re ent jobs. Its seems like something is not correct with this and Ive had PUA customer service help me fix these new issues and they are still on the page

  • Holly Hubbard says:


    I was recently denied future weeks and asked to repay a few weeks due to ONE week I answered a question wrong. At least that is what my letter said. It said I answered ” I am unable to work”. I am able to work, I an unemployed. I was sick one week with COVID and instead of applying online for my benefits Sunday, I was late and applied TuesdaY. Somewhere along the line, I apparently answered the quesiton of being able to work wrong. This kicked me into the appeal line. Isnt there a better way for simple mistakes like this? How long is this appeals process. I have heard nothing. It has been 3 weeks.

  • Chris reed says:

    I filed appeals in dec my claim status is active march 3 2021 i was redetermined eligible and i still am not recieving benefits

    • Jacob says:


      There will be a delay considering the pendency. Please continue chasing your adjudicator until payments are activated.

  • William Hughley says:

    Please Explain why I have to pay $21,441 dollars in overpayment And I have NOT work since March of last yr. you guys have my ss- DL- address- phone number – 2019 tax form PLEASE get the claim RIGHT 30003798-57023198 I am all ready am two payments back in my morgage and one payment on my auto (216)280-6543 EMAIL-whughley001@uahoo.com

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim details. You can reach out to the Unemployment Office via phone for an explanation.

    • William says:

      Was this ever resolved because I’m being told the same thing I guess I didn’t submit my id on one of the ten times I was asked

  • Joey says:

    Hi, I submitted an appeal two weeks ago about the fact that somehow even though I’m an American citizen and have worked in Ohio for 20+ years, you all determined that I didn’t provide that information and now won’t pay me. I’d just like to know when you’ll be looking at this information, because I’m terrified of not being able to put food on the table. I know I am an American, and I know my information is correct. I don’t know why it would take this long to look at it.

    • Jacob says:


      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  • Delcia Able says:

    I have appied for pua unemploymeny because the government closed all business down for 8wks and I was not getting any income because of the covid-19. We were told that we could get $600.00 a week to help us out during this time. I then went back to work and reported my income until July 25wk as they told me to do when I talked to an employer on the phone from the unemployment office. Now they told me to appeal even though I am not sure if I have been denied. please review.

    • Jacob says:


      Looks like there was some adverse report from your employer. Please consider appealing if you’ve received an official “Letter of Determination”.

  • William mcelroy says:

    I have been receiving benefits since the program started because my place of work closed. Since receiving my benefits I have been cut off or stopped over five time. I have had to send the same information over and over again to prove I am who i say and other reasons now my case has been determined I’m ineligible because I forgot to send a picture of my id I’ve sent it so many times idk how I forgot this one time now I am told I have to pay back everything I have received up to this point I of course appealed it but I just don’t understand i sent so many things my e2 my social birth certificate everything am I seriously going to be ineligible because I forgot to send my ID? This is crazy i liter have jumped through so many hoops I was out in a fraud hold for two months for no reason at all I guess I was just lucky and got picked that’s what the people on the phone even said. I would also like to point out that I called the pua phone number around five time just to ask them if I submitted everything and every time they told me yes I had so obviously they were missing it too or like like me didn’t see it because I was submitting the same information. I’ve and over again just for different reasons since these calls are monitored can’t they listen and see that I was told I submitted everything.

  • My acct was hijacked May 2020. Finally this past week I was able to gain access. How to appeal for back pay PLEASE.

    • Jacob says:


      Not sure if you can do a back pay. Please login to your account to check for relevant options.

  • Linda Kalizewski says:

    I received in my email unemployment account a note saying i needed verification of my identity. I uploaded my info and sent it in. I now have statement in my account that says no pending issues but i received email today saying denied because they dont have my info. I spoke with a gentleman that told me they dont have that info so I need to write and expalin. My account says nothing do so it wont let me upload it again. Can you please help me with this.

    • Jacob says:


      Please keep an electronic record of all the documentation. Please send an email to the office with all the documents and also call to let them know you’ve sent the docs.

  • Michelle Hines says:

    Hi. I was on pua and the second week of February I was told I needed to apply because of a quarterly requirement. I said nothing has changed why do I have to do this I was told everyone did. I’ve waited all this time barely scraping by. I’ve called sent emails. Of course had all my paperwork turned in. Tomorrow I lose my internet and phone service. No more extensions or borrowing going on because everyone can’t keep helping me for a while now. Please. I keep calling and it takes me in a loop right back to regular unemployment representatives when tell me to ca appeals. I’ve tried everything I get through to the live appeals like for court or by appt. And the lady keeps hanging up on me. When I lose my phone and internet that’s it. My daughter on my plan so she’s done too. I am in online school. So I will fail. I see a councilor helping me because my son died unexpectedly he was only 29. So no phone no councilor. I’m deasparate. Litterally it would take 5 min to fix and noone I mean noone cares. Please please help. I can’t flunk out of school. Please help me

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do. Please follow up regularly and consider the option of visiting an office if safe and feasible.

  • Jennifer Ritchie says:

    I was found ineligible in April after being eligible for the whole time I’ve been out of work after getting a request for info. I submitted all required dox( including entire 2019 tax return. It was decided they said because “I failed to provide the required dox and failed to say how my work was affected. However, that’s not accurate. I did provide all of it including my answer to how i was affected
    Since may 1st when it was sent to me I have called everyday and begged agents for help. To find out wth?, what am I appealing? I turned in everything they needed. I’ve been chased around in a circle jerk for the entire time and no one can tell me anything. No body knows what they are wanting. They’ve ensured me all my documents are there in my file and they are sorry they couldnt help me. Problem is. They are the only people answering calls. I’ve been given 2 email addresses and after spending hours getting an email put together to address this major oversight that is going to lead to me being homeless by weeks end…I send it and recieve an email right back telling me mine wasnt delivered because the address doesn’t exist. My hands tied behind my back and the clock ticking and nobody can tell me the way to fix my problem. Starting to get a scammer vibe and feel like these are paid actors I’m talking to. Who never intend on helping anyone we are the ones theyve THROWN thru the crack. We didnt fall. We were forced. And

  • Amber says:

    I was receiving unemployment insurance benefits from the end of November 2020 through the beginning of February 2021 as I accepted a short term contact position that ended after ten or so business days. I went back to the website to submit for UI benefits and file a claim for the first week after the contract ended (the last week on February). I expected that the deposits wouldn’t just pick up where they left off a few weeks prior, but never did I imagine that I would be punished for accepting a position.

    I continued to file weekly claims and a determination was not given until the first week in May. I had the suggested three months savings, but I was running out of money and excited I had received a correspondence which I can only address via phone. I have not been able to view any inbox correspondence since the interruption of benefits occurred regardless of having downloaded the multiple suggested Adobe Reader apps on mobile and/or PC.

    During my phone call, I was informed that the claim was DENIED by The short term contract employer. I submitted an appeal against that determination. To confirm that the appeal was submitted correctly and that there was no information needed from my end I called several times a week.

    It was during one of these calls that I learned about an additional appeal had been received by the company whose short term contract ended in Sept 2020 provoking the initial UI benefit claim. How can a company allow the claim, I’m paid for months and then deny tthe claim after having been paid consistent weekly benefits? I was told that either (1) I entered the employer name incorrectly as it doesn’t match the entry on the reapplication. Please note that I entered the employer name given on the 2020 W2 issued for my hours worked at that company or (2) the employer is changing their mind and doesn’t agree with the claim the approval of the claim. I was told that I shouldn’t have included them again during the reapplication. I answered the questions that I was asked so it sounds like I had to mention them, doesn’t it?

    So now I am pending an appeal from me and apparently an appeal from a formerly approved claim. This can take up to and possibly longer than 6 months. Please recall that I had three months of savings set aside in case of an emergency. It’s been three months today and I’m out of money. I am going to lose everything I have. I am actively interviewing for multiple companies but it is competitive right now and picking any position available can be detrimental to my career. I have worked very hard to be where I’m at but the pandemic hit some harder than others.

    I understand why people prefer to stay on the UI insurance over taking a job. I’m about to call homeless shelters because I accepted work. How is this acceptable?

  • P Smith says:

    I requested an appeal. I was denied for attending college. “This agency finds that beginning on 4/22/2021 the claimant was attending school, college or training and was either 1) attending during normal working hours 2) attending as required by law 3) on a holiday recess exceeding 8 weeks, or 4) not making satisfactory progress. As a result the claimant cannot meet the available requirement of Ohio Revised Code Section 4141.29(A)(4).

  • GregWhisman says:

    I have been approved, received some money, forgot to include work search for weekly claim, then ojfs stops issuing payments until up dated work search.COMPLETED,,,11claims NOT issued since! Site says”denied”!? I have reached out several times as all of you. What to do?
    They need to allow ate some of next stimulus $$ to rebuild their system.greatest country on earth,c’mon.

  • Liz says:

    Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden we are all owing OVERPAYMENT because we cant “verify our identities” as Americans we are all giving the correct information but apparently all of us are getting ineligible determinations. What’s really going on here? Then the “rep” replying to everyones questions is saying the same dumb answer to refer back to the website which does nothing or call which does nothing. Y’all start calling your local and state representatives. That’s what I was told to do, or call and ask for a BPC REP when you call PUA. Dont listen to this fool Jacob or whatever his name is. Also BPC has an email and a phone number on their site. It’s short for Benefits payments center I believe. Google that with PUA ohio and it should pop up. You’re welcome

  • Shawn Bowery says:

    i have been informed that i need to appeal an overpayment on my account. i need assistence with this proccess please ty.

  • I have been waiting since November November filed an appeal December 30 an have emailed an called several times an they either say it’s a waiting game or anything they want to say to me over an over help my power has been shut off my son is living with his grandparents an now I have covid

  • Zarifa says:

    I received a fraud letter from Unemployment. I filed appeal and sent it after the deadline .Is that right? I have been waiting for an answer for 2 months

  • Marie says:

    The truth is that because of cov19 people are working from home and obviously not working on anyone cases because now anyone having too submit information on these websites or go through a appeal process are damn near homeless behind these workers nobody cares..regardless of if you or your family are on their deathbed or on the verge of being homeless the cov19 have the staff being paid too answer the phones yet cant help u resolve situations that’s definitely my next job working for unemployment ..You get paid for doing nothing that’s obvious

  • Sicilie Beale says:

    Benefits were stopped I I Provided everything that was required of me and still nothing it’s been since April

  • John says:

    I can’t believe how many people quit there jobs and think they should still be a JR to get unemployment, and then their stupid enough to put I quit my job but I should be able to get unemployment. No that’s not how it works lazy ass.

  • James says:

    Been waiting over 30 days to hear back after filing an appeal theres no way it should take this long. Is there a reason why its been 5 weeks and i still havnt herd a thing. It cant be that hard for you guys to read some information and send proper documentation out. what is the issue????

  • Brian says:

    I started receiving pua last year an have now for 6 months or more, obviously had all my documents an info to start this process. I am 48 yrs old an have never worked outside of Ohio. Fraud was discovered an now even the honest must pay im assuming, even though I uploaded all documents AGAIN, its saying ineligible Iindefinitely with a 24,000 overpayment. Also states I have not met the requirement for proving iam legal to work in the U.S., so I’m guessing even when the initial process of checking my documents was overlooked, to need the documents again, now not only can we not do a simple procedure as a halfway breathing adult, with all common sense thrown to the wind,we still must not be able to work,think an act as someone that should be qualified to work there in the first place. Knowing my situation, reading all these others, there is no excuse, over flooded with applicants, …so many a day, its actually a simple process an I can’t see any other process…so the confusing part here is what could possibly be the excuse then?? Its just beyond frustrating to everyone with issues like this when its clearly a lack of educated ,qualified workers that must be attempting this job..quite sad honestly..sorry

  • Joni Allen says:

    I sent in proper documentation requested which showed it was received and got benefits up until the weeks of 6-13-21 and 6-20-21 and was denied those 2 weeks. Do I have to resubmit proof of tax returns for 2019 again in order to be eligible for payment of those 2 weeks?

  • I’ve filled an appeal I’ve waired for 6 weeks no answer

    • Jacob says:


      If you have the contact details of the adjudicator, please follow up regularly. They may be inundated with pending files.

  • I was put on fraud and showed documents that were ask for back in they were first posted to my account … I didn’t no about I’d,ss card,I don’t have s card they told me to take picture of my face and I’d I’ve done that 2 times and nothing . I run my own small company and just started up . I thought pua and these loans were to help the needy smaller companies exectera . That’s not been case at all . There’s people getting it that don’t deserve it I u understand but I done everything and now im br workin and on my own it takes money to make money flyers ,cards,shirts,gas,employers,my family’!!!!

  • David says:

    Waited 22 weeks to find out something was filed improperly and denied without valid link to request a hearing!!
    I have turned in ALL paper work requested talked to unemployment EVERY week since filing to make sure all was correct. The response is always everything id good nothing needed. SO why am I getting denied?
    funny how i got denied today when yesterday my account stated my identity was not even verified. This is a mess.
    The only thing i can think of is 2021 1040 tax form which is not filed because I have been waiting on unemployment to file!
    i have bills please help me!

    • Jacob says:


      If you think you’ve been denied out of a misjudgement, please consider filing an “Appeal” by asking for an adjudicator. Do check out the Unemployment Office’s website for the appeals process.

  • David says:

    I’ve been waiting 10 weeks still nothing. Sent a email to ucbeninquiry.jfs.ohio.gov 4 weeks ago no reply from them either.

  • John Freed says:

    I was flagged for identity verification. Sent in every doc plus some and told they werent legible so i sent them again and was told they were good. still denied so i appealed and have not waited 9 weeks and counting and have heard nothing. I call weekly and every person says the same that i just have to wait. My family is losing everything what can i do

  • Ronald Butler says:

    My claim was denied called into unemployment office to due my weekly because I was locked out repeatedly maid a mistake put i was laid off she made a mistake i was self employed how can I lay my self off I never said that she was doing my weekly it was 650 close at seven rushing im paying for her mistake still appealing to no avail

  • Shonda Cole says:

    So my unemployment was denied due to not being out of work due to the COVID19. I am out of work due to COVID19. I have proof and have sent everything I can think of. I was denied in May and I filed an appeal. Since May I haven’t heard anything about what is going on with my case. I would really like to know the status on what is going on with my PUA Unemployment Case. It says you will have an answer within 21 days and I haven’t heard a word about it.

  • Anna says:

    I am 56 and a woman. It’s really hard to find a job. They hire the younger person every time!

  • Anna says:

    I would also like my $300 that the president Biden said we qualify for! And the money they took for a false overpayment!

  • Kris brown says:

    Hello I was getting pua benefits starting last in September 2020
    And until March this year 2021
    That is when I had a fraudulent questionnaire and had to turn information
    Personal information which I did
    April 5 I got a letter stating I will still receive pua unemployment.

    And again on April 28

    But April 29 I got a letter telling me I was denied bc I didn’t turn in my paperwork in time on the 28
    Just the day before the letter said all my paperwork was received
    I call in to speak to a representative
    And was told to file a appeal
    Then on the 5 of May I file
    On the 6 I got a letter telling me once I will receive pua unemployment
    Since then I had to turn in more information like my identification and was denied bc I need to send in my birth certificate and told file appeal
    I did ok
    Then I had to send in my unemployment wages I did it was denied and I filed appeal again
    Now once those documents was sent I was approved
    But still didn’t get any benefits bc I was told I was waiting on my first appeal which I guess I was told to file for regular unemployment which I try before signing up for pua unemployment
    In my opinion it seem like I am getting the run away the fact I was told I didn’t turn my paperwork in on time
    But a day before was to everything was turn in and I was approved
    Now it been 110 day send I file the first appeal
    I call in and the representative some are nice
    And some argue with me about the paperwork I have turn in
    I have to hang up and call again to speak to someone who is a little nice.
    If only I had there job.
    I have been told a email will be sent to a supervisor about my claim
    And it has never happened
    I had been told a email will be sent to a
    Adjudicated and I will receive a call back never happened
    I call the 1877655 number and follow the prompt that ask if I want a call back and a date was set which was August 18 at 9pa
    I waiting until 1039
    And never got a call but
    The call the number back and was sent to a tear 1 agent I spoke to her and she told me that she was going to Email a Adjudicater I told I was told that already and nothing happened
    And was told my phone had hung up
    So she was goi g to resend another email to the Adjudicator
    I guess she sent it as I wait on hold she got but on the line And couldn’t here me
    And kept calling me by last name and said if she could not get a response she was hanging up I kept yelling but she couldn’t hear me
    So I call back and was give another phone appointment
    Hung up call but
    And finally got a rep and was told the lady before did in fact turn in the email
    At this point I don’t know who or what to believe those ppl are nasty with you on the phone hang up on you after you sit for hours waiting
    I was told one time it doesn’t that 21 day for a appeal to be answered back
    Ok since the appeal office may e bust and ba k up claim maybe 45 days
    But to wait 110 days and get the run around
    There is no way to check to see if your appeal was approved or not
    And the representative keep telling me there is not way I can speak to anyone I. The appeal process center
    But I have spoke to someone before
    At this open I am thinking about getting a lawyer to help me
    When I look online at my account it says I have one pending issue and it the overpayment but was told that shouldn’t stop by payment
    And once I do get everything handle will I get every dime that own to me.
    I I recently tried to go back to work and got the Delta virus I could not start my. At this point I don’t even think it’s safe to go out and find a job who can I reach out toI

  • Kris rown says:

    I was wondering how long does it take to get a answer bit from pua appeal department
    I was receiving pua since September of 2020
    March of this year I was hit with fraudulent questionnaire and since all the things I need them had to turn in additional information which a long process to get a answer back
    April 5 I was told I will this get pua
    April 28 I was told all my info was collected and I will still get pua
    These on the 29 I got I box that I didn’t not turn in the proper information on time which was the 28 a day before I was told everything was collected in time
    The I got a inbox tell I don’t qualify for pua sign up for regular unemployment
    Which I did in the beginning before signing up I was told to sign up for pua
    So I had to file appeal which was a
    May5 it’s been 110 day
    I have call git a few representatives who was very nasty with me
    I had to hang up and call but
    I was told that representatives was going to email the supervisor and I should get a call back
    I call the 1866 number and ask if a want a call to speak with some which on the 19 of August I call in and spoke with someone who connected me to a tear 1 agent
    And tha person told me every was done like ask and she was going to email a adjudicator and I should get my benefit back
    But while waiting on hold when the lady came back to speak to me she couldn’t hear me and I kept yell I cod hear u
    And she hung up
    I try call back me was ask if a want to set up a another phone appointment
    I hung and call back and go some one after telling her what happened with the last call and see if the last person got to send the email I was told yea
    But I can’t believe have of what I’d told to me
    And understand they have high call.
    And a lot a appeal to answer but after 110 day of waiting I should have got a answer
    I was told you can’t speak with a adjudicator
    So how I’m I to check and see about my appeal

  • Dustin C Schultz says:

    I have had a appeal in scents June, have it heard anything, I lost my pua because of employment verification…but I sent a 1099 to them and my taxes…so why take it…and now not answer my appeal…

  • David says:

    Someone want to explain why the website says appeal handled in 21 days and I am now going on 2 months without any communication in regards to the appeal except a monitory determination received 3 weeks ago.
    Originally opened 3 Rd week of Feb. Denied and appealed in July.

    • Jacob says:


      Please be patient. There will be an intermittent delay due to the pendency. We suggest you continue to chase every alternate days.

  • T Wilkinson says:

    I’m so sad to see how many people are having similar issues. I haven’t received any Ohio pua since the beginning of summer. I continued to file the weekly request till it wouldn’t let me file anymore. I can’t seem to figure out how to view and make any changes to anything in my account. I called them several times and they keep saying that it’s still being processed. I asked them why it shows as active and no holds but they keep denying each week. I finally got my waiver form but it would not let me enter any information. I called them about that too and they said it is still processing and they will remove the denial and send me the back pay. I still have not heard anything from anyone yet. I’m still working at half the business I had before the pandemic. I’m now in danger of not being able to pay my bills and fear I will end up losing my business. If anyone has any insight on what I could try next I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

    • Jacob says:

      I can understand your situation.

      The best way to find a fix for this issue will to see if you can visit an Unemployment Office in the vicinity (you might need a prior appointment, please check the official website)

  • Serena V. says:

    I have been fighting to recieve benefits since 10/02/20. On 9/17/21 the Compensation review commission ruled in my favor and back dated my claim as well,But problem now is they updated dates that are owed to me but everything says denied. I called and spoke with rep. And she said it because I still have open appeal dated back in dec 20/Jan 21. How can there still be an open appeal almost a year later. All I keep getting from everyone I’ve spoke with is just wait..Wait!! It’s been a year. I’m currently waiting on 38 weeks of back payment that was approved in my favor. Why and how can this supposed OPEN appeal be not resolved especially when compensation commission review redetermined my claim from the first time I had originally filed. I get different answers every time and the just have to wait spell..Isn’t a year long enough!

  • Charles Feldkamp says:

    I filed for unemployment 11/06/2021 11/13/2021 11/20/2021 11/27/21 all were denied can you please explain to me why they were denied I talked to my HR. person and they said everything was ok on their end I talked to a gentleman this morning and he said I received something on the 1st of November I did not received anything Please resend it so we can get this taken care of unemployment is new to me I am use to working Thank you Mr. Feldkamp

  • David says:

    How long does the appeals process try Ave ots been 21 calendar days and nothing I’ve been fighting this since march

  • T Fryar says:

    I have been filing a claim (21184597) since 7/8/2021! during that time when I follow up with unemployment I was informed on three separate occasions that they were missing documents and on three separate occasions I mailed twice and fax once. while speaking with a representative she mentioned that paperwork mailed in could be sitting with a stack of mail that hasn’t been sorted! Skipping ahead to the second week of February 2022, I spoke with Candice from OJFS that my claim was disallowed, she told me to check my correspondence mail which I did to find out all the while reps were telling me that I was missing documents and that unemployment was 21 days behind and to please continue to file your weekly claim! I read that I was denied unemployment and if I don’t agree I can file an appeal! Also mentioned that I didn’t work the number of hours allowed for unemployment! Now I work at my former job for three years and in 2021 went flex causal and your saying the last 10-months or so while I was working flex-time which every other Friday 12hrs a day at $17+ hourly I didn’t make enough! And after 6 months of filing for unemployment, I’m given two weeks to file an appeal!

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